North Country Veterinary Clinic and 4Paws Pet Resort

At North Country Veterinary Clinic and 4Paws Pet Resort we are committed to providing the best care for your dogs, cats, pocket pets, birds, and exotic pets.  Whether you have a sick pet, need the most current preventative care, gentle dentistry, ultrasound, surgical, medical, acupuncture, reproductive services, rehabilitation with a water treadmill or EMERGENCY care, we are here for YOU!!! 

We have two newly built, convenient, state of the art veterinary and pet resort facilities located in Park Falls and Phillips, Wisconsin.  We see patients from all over the USA traveling through our area, take referrals from Wisconsin and Michigan veterinarians, and see all of our local pets living and playing in Mercer, Springstead, Park Falls, Loretta, Winter, Ladysmith, Hawkins, Clam Lake, Mellen, Glidden, Ashland, Phillips, Prentice, Lugerville, Ogema, Rib Lake, Medford, Spirit, Brantwood, Tripoli, Kennan, Catawba, Hawkins, Rhinelander, Tomahawk, and Glen Flora.  All these small towns are reached by our clinics and resorts.  We are the ONLY veterinary practices in Price County that are specifically built for your pets in mind.    We have the details covered, that will create a STRESS free comfortable visit.  This includes lift tables with comfy tops, exclusive entry and exit doors for convenient pet movement, brilliant natural lighting for our in-house sick patient and resort suites, with specific health care floors and suites that prevent the spread of disease and provide the best comfort for your pets during their stays.  Special air handling and heated floors were all designed just FOR YOU and YOUR pet because we believe this is very important and want to make sure YOU are well taken care of!!

Our family of dogs, cats, small pocket pets, and birds are in competent and caring hands, medically and socially, with the latest medical, surgical and diagnostic equipment and a health care team and veterinarians that are continually trained with the latest skills and technology.  Be confident that we will provide timely, relevant, and least invasive solutions with our digital x-rays, 3-D ultrasound, electronic shared medical records, laser therapy, laser surgery, acupuncture and herbal medicine, reproductive services including artificial insemination, and our Physical Therapy Suite with a water treadmill and special flooring for sports medicine and rehabilitation for our surgical and weight reduction pets.

We offer routine and after hours EMERGENCY veterinary care services and in house hospitalization.  

Our 4Paws Pet Resort is designed for Extended Stays and Day Camp.  Check out all the perks of staying with us!  You have the convenience of booking special baths, manicures, grooms, additional leash walks and snuggle time, water treadmill, dentals, veterinary visits and surgeries above and beyond their social schedule!  The 4Paws Pet Resort was completely designed for your pet's comfort and needs.  Large grassy yards, tiled floors with window suites with glass doors and swivel feeders place your dog's comfort at the TOP.  The high fences, air conditioned, heated floors, music, play time, and interaction with our 4Paws Pet Resort Care Team make them wag with JOY.  We require all resort pets to be current on vaccinations and stools free of parasites for the safety of all pets.  PLAY ...PLAY....PLAY ....snuggle in with a warm beam of sunshine and we have one comfy pet.  All this makes their stay STRESS FREE, SAFE, and outright FUN!!!  

CATS ...CATS...CATS...  We LUV you, too!!!   Wow, we HAVE the SPOT for YOU!!!  Yes...we know you don't like "talkative" dogs, so we have separate CAT Suites that are 10x10 foot tile rooms with window ledges, large windows for natural lighting, and views of gardens and woods to entice any inquisitive mind.   Cat and Dog Families can stay together and are located at a distance from our Dog only suites offering a private and secluded get away.   We also have suites with higher air circulation and separation for our rabbits, ferrets, chinchilla, hedgehog, and bird resorters. SO MANY options and SO MANY variations, you need to explore our website and TOUR our facilities to begin to appreciate our outstanding CUSTOMER CARE TEAM and 4PAWS PET RESORT and NORTH COUNTRY VETERINARY experience.  Call in to schedule your tour today at either one of our state of the art clinics and pet resorts.

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  • N14722 Kundinger Rd
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  • Phillips Location
  • W6880 Hilly Haven Lane
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  • Dr. Lynda Ludwig, DVM

    Dr. Lynda Ludwig, DVM

    “Caring for animals has been a passion since I was a young girl. I have been providing emergency, surgical, and medical care to pets for 17 years and 14 years has been here in my hometown area.  What a wonderful group of clients and pets that have become FAMILY!!!"

    Work Experience
    • Owner and practicing veterinary at North Country Veterinary Clinic, LTD since 2003
    • Emergency/Referral only practice - Greensboro, NC
    • Small Animal Practice, Multi-vet Practices in Madison, WI
    • International veterinary work - New Zealand, Sweden, Ireland, France, Spain, and Scotland
    • Assisted in developing a vaccine for Shipping Fever, Ames, IA 1992. Packed horses and lead guided tours in Yellowstone National Park and Durango, CO 1988-89
    • Prior to being a veterinarian-worked in business, and field service installing and troubleshooting corrugated machinery worldwide
    • Surgical - orthopedic, soft tissue, and eye
    • Internal medicine - diabetes, thyroid conditions, kidney
    • Ultrasound - advanced courses in cardiac and abdominal
    • Emergency Care, Behavioral, Dentistry, Preventative Medicine, Wound Care, Reproductive Services
    • Opthalmology, Oncology - Chemotherapy, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine
    • Active with outdoor recreation - biking, swimming, hiking, boating
    • Ran cross-country 4 years in college and played soccer
    • Enjoys a variety of pets and animals.   Currently the family of pets includes rambunctious Shorthairs, which keeps cats out of the picture, 12 rabbits, million bees, 12 chickens, 2 horses, 1 pony, 2 llamas, and 3 Scottish Highland cattle.  We have had saltwater fish, chinchillas, a hedgehog, and gerbils.  I am sure this scene will change seasonally.  
    • Family includes identical twin teenage girls, an 8 yr old girl and a husband that picks up all the slack and brings home the animals. 
    • Volunteers as a soccer coach. Provides community outreach opportunities and social connections through The Meadows (see website link). Advocate for learning Spanish.  Enjoys travel. 
    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 2000
    •Cardiac and Abdominal Ultrasound Advanced Training North American Veterinary Conferences Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Associate conferences International Emergency & Critical Care Conferences Advanced orthopedic training 2009 • Acupuncture Training- Chi Institute, Gainsville, FL 2004-2006 • UW-Madison Veterinary School 2000 • UW-La Crosse - Microbiology/Chemistry 1992
  • Dr. Mike Riggle, DVM

    Dr. Mike Riggle, DVM

    Work Experience
    I have practiced with North Country Veterinary Clinic for 8 years, following 27 years with Medford Veterinary Service where I gained extensive experience in soft tissue and orthopedic surgery including ACL repair, elbow and hip dysplasia, patellar luxation repair, shoulder disorders and simple to complex multi-fragmentary fracture repair.

    I have a deep love for the outdoors and consider myself a die-hard grouse hunter and I am member of the Ruffed Grouse Society. I have been involved with the Taylor County Sportsman’s Club and Wisconsin Conservation Congress for many years. In addition to hunting in the fall I enjoy making maple syrup in the spring.

    I have three grown sons, all of whom are pursuing careers in human medicine. I own two Llewellin Setters who are my faithful hunting buddies.
    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 1982
    • University of Wisconsin, River Falls – Bachelors of Science in Biology • University of Minnesota, Minneapolis – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1982
  • Jasmine

  • Virginia

    I currently work as a Dog Walker at NCVC and also at         A&W in Phillips.  

    I enjoy fishing, sports and spending time with family and friends.  I love animals and take care of them just like I                                 would my own. 
    I am a Junior at Phillips High School. Upon graduation I plan to attend UW-Whitewater to become an Accountant
  • Allie

  • Kendra

  • Korrie

    I plan to go to UW-Eau Claire to pursue a degree in nursing int the fall fo 2018
  • Ellie

  • Danaya

  • Park Falls Resort Staff

    Meet the wonderful staff of our Park Falls 4 Paws Resort location.
  • Phillips Location Resort Staff

    Meet the caring staff of our Phillips 4Paws Resort location.